Thursday, January 6, 2011

Goodbye 2010...

It's only 6 days into the new year so I'm still going to do "A year in review" theme. It's not too late yet! Especially for me - I'm always late on blogging stuff and a week isn't too bad for me.
Sit back, relax, and enjoy the Sharp family happenings for 2010!

January - I have no idea what we did this month. All I remember is being violently ill and being on bed rest with Caleb. I watched 'Bolt' 10,000 times with the kids between pukings. That is all. It was not a good month. Luckily I have no pictures to document this time period - it wasn't pretty! Oh, and we got a lot of snow.

February - Life improved significantly this month! I quit puking, got great news about the baby (no more bedrest!), and we started finishing our basement. We have a beautiful, wonderful, big house with 3 tiny bedrooms. We knew this when we bought it but we figured we spend more time as a family in the other rooms anyway. However, 2 beds would not fit in either of the kid's bedrooms so finishing a room or two in the basement became a top priority. Rich worked hard every night on completing the back bedrooms. Evan 'helped'.

March - Unseasonable warmth in Logan so what did we do? Brought our the baseball stuff of course! Issac learned to hit a pitch and Evan did too! Evan still prefers the using the T for now though.

April - April was a fun month. It was Spring (for a little while) and we got to go to Baby Animal Days at Heritage Farm. The kids always enjoy this every year and I do too. We always go on Thursday (fewer people) and the kids get to see everything. This year there was a train. Of course the boys had to ride on it. Too bad it broke down while we were waiting in line - 10 minute wait turned into an hour wait. SO NOT WORTH IT. 1 hr wait - 2 minute train ride. Grrrr.... We sold the four wheelers to pay for Caleb's upcoming arrival. A very sad day at our house. And we got a new baby cousin! The first one. Miss Averie made her long overdue arrival on April 25.

May - Welcome Caleb! On May 25th, we finally got our happy, healthy, beautiful baby boy. He is truly a miracle. After basically being given no shot at having him because of all the complications, he was born only 3 1/2 weeks early, very healthy, with a full head of hair. He is such a blessing in our lives and the happiest baby I've ever seen. Look, matching daddy and baby scowls.

June - Summer! And that means softball and baseball! Because of the rainy May, softball didn't get started until the first week of June so I didn't miss any games (wahoo!). We cut back this year and only played 3 nights a week. Issac also started baseball. I had NO IDEA that his league would be machine pitch. They make those teeny kids stand up there and hit a 40 mph baseball! The best part? Issac could do it! We never know what he'll actually be able to do or if he will like it but luckily baseball is something he liked. It would be tough to be in our family if he didn't. Issac also had his birthday and got to have his long-awaited birthday party with his friends. I made him narrow the list of invites down to 20 and we had a blast in the back yard.

July - Ahhh summer! No work for me so I had plenty of time to just enjoy being with the family. We took a trip to Yellowstone and enjoyed our favorite place to be. We went to EVERY parade possible - the kids love them! We saw the fireworks, had backyard barbeques, went hiking and fishing, and just generally lived life. Why can't July last all year long??

August - Caleb learned to smile and roll over. What a cute boy! We squeezed the last little bit of summer out and played as much as we could before I had to go back to work and Issac went to school. He started second grade this year and was soooo excited! I was less excited. Summer is DEFINITELY my favorite season and I was not excited to be heading into fall. We won our city softball league and got new T-shirts!

September - Back to school and Evan turned 4! I can't believe he has gotten so big! What's the best way to cope with impending Fall? Go fishing! So we did. A lot. Oh and softball. More softball...
October - One word - Halloween. Rich and his buddies live for scaring the neighborhood children. And scare them they did. We got a new kitten named Skibby (courtesy of Evan) to help keep Myka company. We played our last softball game of the season.
November - We worked on the basement some more. We had finished the bedrooms and moved Issac downstairs but there was still a lot of work to be done on the bathroom and trimwork. We got to have Thanksgiving at our house this year and enjoyed a Black Friday, sans shopping of course (I do NOT do the shopping thing).
December - FINALLY finished the bathroom downstairs. We also went down to St. George and played a softball tournament. Yes, in case you were wondering, our lives do revolve around softball... We got everything ready for Christmas. I went blonde - a big change that Issac has STILL not adjusted to. We had a wonderful time with our family and all the boys had a great time unwrapping presents. Surprisingly, Caleb was more interested in the toys than the paper.

We had a great year and are looking forward to another in 2011!